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Cancer, Acidity and Alkalinity

Cancer cells generally thrive better in a body environment that is slightly acidic as opposed to an alkaline one. Our normal body’s intracellular ph is about 7.45. This is a vital key to longevity and vibrant health. There is more oxygen in an alkaline ph compared to an acidic state. Cancer cells have been known to thrive better in an acidic environment. Wisdom therefore dictates that we should try to expose ourselves to foods or lifestyles that promote alkalinity as opposed to acidity which appears to be unhealthy. An alkaline diet basef onvegetables and fruits create an alkaline environment hostile for cancer proliferation. The immune system is also fortified by the rich nutrients supply and increased oxygenation.

Cancer Causing Suspects

Exposure to carcinogens in the workplace

  • Exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • Smoking
  • Viruses
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Family history
  • Poor diet and obesity
  • Reproductive factors
  • Alcohol
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Genetic

A combination of these may lead to cancer genesis especially if the immune cells and the system that detects and destroys them fail.

Cancer Awareness

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About two thirds of the cases of cancer may actually have been prevented. Our major problem lies in the fact that there exists a disconnect between the public and healthcare experts especially on imparting knowledge on preventive healthcare. Healthcare experts seem to be more focussed on after the fact state. However this comes almost too late. The firefighting methods used aren’t smart enough and safe nor pocket friendly for those without healthcare insurance policies. Preventive health education would’ve been much cheaper and healthier. Well the healthcare sector in most nations are understaffed and underequipped to handle cancer cases which are on a steady rise. Lifestyle issues and unhealthy stressors that impact our immune health negatively are also on the rise in this century. However, we seem to be tight lipped. We have left our health in the hands of a few overworked health personnel. Of course we are the ones eventually responsible for our state of health. We need to change our attitude and stop being passive in our healthcare issues. Our health squarely lies on our hands and not the healthcare pesonnel. Your healthcare provider cannot police you to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid preventable chronic disorders cancer included.

Cancer Prevention

I believe that most chronic diseases cancer inclusive are the result of wrong living and thinking. Our body exposed to right living and thinking has the power to self diagnose and also repair itsef. Animals in the wild where we also came from display a life that is free from most of our chronic disorders. Therefore the secret to our health lies from studying these animals in the wild. There is something we are doing wrong and continue to do so. Lifestyle has dramatically changed over the past a hundred years. Our diets have drastically changed. We now lead sedentary lives as opposed to our ancestors. Technological advancements have also brought about the good, the bad and the ugly side to our environment and health status.

Cancer prevention and cure should first of all focus on practising right living and thinking. Thoughts are things. Your thoughts affect your immune function. Negative thoughts will suppress your immune system. Positive thoughts will enhance it. Your immune function status plays a major role in both cancer prevention and cure. Your health is therefore in your hands. The power to choose your lifestyle and thinking are all in your hand. Each set of choices will also produce an assortment of health or disease status. Your healthcare provider may only provide necessary advice on both lifestyle and thinking. The action part rests in your hands. Sedentary lifestyle is on the rise with the corresponding obesity. Our diets are normally deficient of vital nutrients essential for our cells DNA repair and immune system fortification. These therefore end up in the promotion of cancer genesis. Your genetic make up may also influence your health status.

Cancer Tumor

Tumors are made up of lumps or growth of defective cells. These may attach themselves to organ tissues, bone or even muscles. The lump is referred to as a cancerous tumor. Tumors may either be classified as benign or malignant based on the progressive growth. A benign tumor is non cancerous while a malignant one is. The malignant tumors through a process called metastasis are capable of travelling to different parts of the body and attaching themselves there. They then commence their growth process. The benign tumors are dormant and really do not present much threat.

The precision targeting and destruction of the malignant tumors is the major headache in our desire to cure cancer. The malignant cells attach themselves to sensitive tissues and organs e.g the brain, lungs, colon, breast etc. An attack on these tissues may lead to other undesirable damages to these organs and hence hindering their optimal function. Its like dropping a nuclear bomb in a small village to kill a fly! The fly may be killed but the destruction on the village may be even worse.

Demistyfying What Cancer Is

Cancer cells are made by our bodies on a daily basis depending on the internal and external environment interaction with our cells influenced by our unique genetic composition. However in a healthy human body there exists a natural mechanism of identifying these defective cells leading to their destruction. This is the function of a robust immune function. We usually do not notice these inner events. However in some people this natural mechanism of identifying and destruction of these rogue cells goes on a failure mode. The rogue cells therefore grow uncontrollably leading to the exertion of pressure and destruction of neighboring tissues and organs. Therefore there is a diminished healthy function of the affected organs and other related body systems. A state of disease is therefore created in the body. These rogue cells are the ones referred to as cancerous cells. They produce the disease state that we commonly refer to as cancer.

Cancer then may simply be defined as a state whereby some rogue cells grow uncontrollably due to some defective DNA. They stop taking commands from the brain to stop their growth when appropriate. The resulting mass of enlarged cells create massive pressure on neighboring tissues and organs resulting in malfunction and disease.